cause SUup! - SUup! against violence

SUup! wishes everyone to have happiness, peace and love in their lives. Sadly, this is not the reality in many homes.

SUup! helps fighting violence by supporting Swayam, a registered non-profit organisation, based in Calcutta, dedicated to helping women & children victims of domestic violence.

Swayam's work is focused on empowering victims of domestic violence, to have a new life with dignity. This includes counselling, contact and follow up with the police, sound legal advice and aid, health care support, career counselling, referrals for vocational training, employment opportunities, shelter and child support.

SUup! is happy to share a part of its profits from all SUup! sales, to Swayam, to help them in their important job. Some of SUup!'s inspired customers have also decided to further donate a part of their profits to this noble cause!

Thus, with a little love from all of us in the chain, we hope to make a difference in the lives of some people. We hope, SUup! will be able to spread some cheer around and inspire many more young minds to join in!

Learn more about Swayam at

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